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Floating Earth: A Cosmic Odyssey

Floating Earth: A Cosmic Odyssey

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Attention Visionary Investor,

Are you ready to be a catalyst for global change? Are you driven by a burning desire to revolutionize the way the world combats malnutrition? If so, we invite you to take the leap and join us on an extraordinary journey with Food Serum™.

As we offer an exceptional opportunity to avail the 10% equity open for bid, we seek individuals and entities who share our vision and possess the resources to propel Food Serum™ to new heights. By investing in our revolutionary concept, you have the power to transform lives, create a sustainable impact, and shape the future of nutrition worldwide.

To explore this extraordinary opportunity and discuss the potential of partnering with Food Serum™, we are eager to connect with you. We understand the significance of this decision, and we assure you that your inquiry will receive our utmost attention and dedication.

Contact us today via the following channels:

Email: Send your thoughts, investment proposals, and queries to Our team of passionate revolutionaries will promptly respond and provide you with the necessary information to facilitate a meaningful conversation.

WhatsApp: For a direct and personalized connection, reach out to us on WhatsApp at +94717242370. Share your aspirations, ideas, and financial projections, and let's embark on a transformative dialogue that paves the way for a prosperous partnership.

Website: Reachable through our Parent Company website,

Provide us with essential details regarding your investment interests and background. This will enable us to better take into consideration your interest in the bid.

We understand that the value of the 10% equity stake is a matter of discussion and negotiation. As an investor, you bring not only financial resources but also invaluable expertise and insights. We are open to a collaborative dialogue, aiming to strike a mutually beneficial arrangement that reflects the true potential and value of Food Serum™.

Join us in reshaping the landscape of nutrition and eradicating malnutrition in every corner of the globe. Together, we will unlock a brighter future for communities in need, and your investment will become a catalyst for sustainable change.

Let us embark on this revolutionary journey together. Contact us today and seize the opportunity to shape a world where nourishment knows no boundaries.

In anticipation of an extraordinary collaboration,

Christhombuge Sithum Manesha Fernando
Founder and CEO of Food Serum™

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